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  What they mean to the bigger picture for Harmonizing Feng Shui.

I find Feng Shui to be one of the coolest things I have ever been a part of and there are many reasons that I decided to take the journey into being a practitioner.  That is exactly what it has been, a journey … to finding the place that I would like to direct my attention.  I created Harmonizing Feng Shui with the intention of changing the world one person/house/business at a time through Feng Shui.  Then I realized there was more to it ... the humanity of it all.  How there are so many concepts, connections and theories that encompass Feng Shui and make it a much bigger picture.

I have been diving deeper and deeper into the origins, theories and focus that Feng Shui brings to the world, I have found that there are many universal truths that Feng Shui has in common with science.  Neuroarchitecture, Quantum Physics and Environmental Psychology cross paths in many ways with Feng Shui and that brought me to expand my point of view of how everything in this wonderful universe works.

Now as I continue to endeavor to reach out to the universe and educate society at large about Feng Shui and take away the mystery of this Chinese philosophy, I have discovered that my original website, … only holds part of the picture of what I want to bring to everyone.  I have created to focus on children and their education and do my part to ensure the future is bright.  I also decided that the science needed to be addressed in how it relates back to Feng Shui, so I created to bring everything together in one location.

Each website has its own charm, appeal and information to relate to the personal needs of each of my clients.  It is important for me to address all projects “whole”istically, and now I bring a bigger picture to each one.  I hope you will be able to see that all the information on the 3 websites connect with each other and create a sense of continuity of the recommendations I make to my clients.

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